The Best Holiday Cruises 2016!

Cruises are a popular way to see new sites, enjoy fine dining and have to be one of the best ways to relax with everything included and taken care of. So if you are planning a cruise this year, read on to find out about the best cruises out there.

1. Western Mediterranean Cruises

 Western Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean is the European destination for luxury cruises, and it is not hard to see why. With great weather, culturally important sites to visit and great cuisine among other things, it is a fantastic area to visit, particularly the western part. Trips to this part of the Med typically include such amazing stops as Rome, Barcelona, Nice and Florence making them an easy way to pack in the sites and sunshine. Numerous companies including Princess, Royal Caribbean and Disney all operate in this area, making it an affordable option too.

2. Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise

Setting off from the gorgeous backdrop of Bridgetown in Barbados, this cruise lets you take in the spectacular sites that are on offer in the Caribbean over its 13 night journey. Stopping at major Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe, Antigua, St Barts, and Martinique, as well as lesser-frequented ones such as St Lucia and some of the British Virgin Islands, this cruise by Seabourn lets you enjoy the beauty of the area.

3. Alps and Adriatic Cruise

Alps and Adriatic Cruise

Covering the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, this 11-day cruise lets you get a feel of these south eastern European countries, as well as enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Alps. With a longer stay in the Slovenian Alpine city of Bled, you can also partake in some winter sports in beautiful surroundings.

4. Florida to Mexico Cruise

 Florida to Mexico Cruise

This 10 night trip takes place aboard the luxury cruise liner the Luminosa and provides a world-wind tour of some fantastic sites. Departing from the Florida city of Miami, you will find yourself whisked along to such incredible stops as the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Honduras and of course Mexico. Hosted by the Costa Cruise Company, you can really enjoy the most of Central America.

5. Hawaii to Los Angeles Cruise

 Hawaii to Los Angeles Cruise

Very much a family oriented cruise, the Disney Cruise Line trip from Vancouver to Hawaii lets you truly experience the magnificence of North America. This 14 night cruise meanders down the west coast of the continent before finally docking in the magnificent state island of Hawaii, where you can really see the juxtaposition from the starting point of Vancouver.

6. Norwegian Fjords Cruises

 Norwegian Fjords Cruises

Famed for their imposing natural beauty, Norwegian Fjord cruises are becoming increasingly popular, with several cruise companies operating on this route with ship sizes ranging from big to smaller ones that are more exploratory. Most trips to this Scandinavian country provide the chance to see cities as well as smaller villages and of course the incredible fjords. Cruises to this part of the world also help to keep expenses to a minimum in a country known for its sky-high prices.

7. Melbourne to New Zealand Cruise

 Melbourne to New Zealand Cruise

Silversea cruises let you take the incredible opportunity to sail from Melbourne on Australia’s south coast to Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. Stopping at 11 of New Zealand’s ports including the incredible natural fjord of Milford Sound in the southwest of the country, to Port Chalmer, the capital city of Wellington until ultimately arriving at Auckland. Experience difficult to access sites from the safety and serenity of a sea cruise.

8. East Asia Cruises

East Asia Cruises

Asia, and in particular East Asia, is another popular cruise destination with many different countries and cultures packed into a relatively small space. Several companies operate East Asian tours, which typically include stops in South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong among others. On one of these cruises, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing Asian cuisine, beaches, historical sites and more, all while residing in luxury surroundings.