The 15 Most Expensive Holiday Villas 2016!

For most people a holiday villa is only a dream, but there are some that are living that dream in the most lavish and expensive way. Read on to find out the most expensive holiday villas 2016.

1. Villa Margot, Saint-Tropez, France

Villa Margot, Saint-Tropez, France

This stunning 8 bedroom villa on France’s elite and beautiful Cote d’Azur overlooks the Mediterranean Sea as well as the idyllic southern French countryside. With an infinity pool and a spacious open plan design, this villa is open for hire at a price; one week stay at this villa during the peak season will set you back over 120,000€.

2. The Edge, Bali, Indonesia

The Edge, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is famed for its paradise-like beauty and its relaxing properties, and where better to chill out than at the Edge villa. This private villa can house up to 20 guests in its 10 bedrooms, but even divided between 20 people, the weekly cost of renting this villa in paradise is around 95,000€.

3. Sugar Cube, Barbados

Sugar Cube, Barbados

Barbados is one of the most popular of the world famous holiday destination of the Caribbean, and it is on this lovely island that you will find the Sugar Cube villa. With a huge infinity pool, ocean views (obviously), this incredible villa is valued at over 5 million €.

4. Casa Libelai, Ibiza

Casa Libelai, Ibiza

Ibiza has long been one of the top holiday destinations with its beautiful scenery, great beaches and lively music scene attracting people from all over the world. The Casa Libelai villa in the Santa Gertrudis area of the island was built in 2004 and is cool, chic and modern. With 4 en suite bedrooms and an amazing raised dining area, this is another villa valued at over 5 million €.

5. Chalet les Anges, Zermatt Switzerland

Chalet les Anges, Zermatt Switzerland

The appropriately names Chalet les Anges is nestled in the Alps. This charming wooden villa offers panoramic views over breath-taking scenery and with plenty of room for friends and family, it perfect for a winter break. A one week stay in the height of the winter season costs around 120,000€.

6. Mit Ped, Punta de Mita, Mexico

Mit Ped, Punta de Mita, Mexico

Boasting 3 en suite bedrooms, its own luxurious pool and access to its own private beach club, the Mit Ped villa lets you soak up the Mexican sun in style. Of course it will set you back a penny or two; a one week stay at this villa costs a cool 100,000€.

7. Ajuajito Road, Carmel, CA USA

Ajuajito Road, Carmel, CA USA

California is best known for its sun, sea, surf and sand, and a stay at the luxurious Ajuajito Road villa will really make you appreciate all of this even more. This huge spacious villa has 5 bedrooms, as well as a pool, but will cost you around 135,000€ for a one week stay.

8. Villa Elisa, Aspen, CO USA

Villa Elisa, Aspen, CO USA

Another luxury villa for a special winter holiday is the Villa Elisa in the famed Aspen resort in the American Rockies. Enjoy your après-ski in the most opulent and luxurious of settings as you kick back and relax. Costing over 160,000€ for a one week stay, you can certainly observe Aspen in style from this villa.

9. Mount Hartman Bay Estate, Grenada

Mount Hartman Bay Estate, Grenada

The Mount Hartman Bay Estate on the southern-most tip of the small Caribbean island of Grenada is one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world. Nestled right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, this spacious holiday villa offers accommodation for up to 22 people at a cost of 125,000€ per week during peak season. 

10. Achnagairn Castle, Scotland

Achnagairn Castle, Scotland

So it may not be a villa, but the Achnagairn Castle in Scotland’s beautiful Highlands, offers a luxury retreat in extreme style. With 24 bedrooms and a total sleeping capacity of 55, this is one of the UK’s most expensive holiday rentals, with an ominous ‘Price on Application’ tag.

11. Luxury Villa, Dubai

Luxury Villa, Dubai

This unnamed luxury villa on Dubai’s artificial Palm Jumirah island was purchased last year by a mystery British businessman for an eye watering 180,000€. This custom-built villa has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a 167acre private beach as well as an infinity pool and a cinema room.

12. Thousand Waves, Hawaii USA

Thousand Waves, Hawaii USA

Decorated with Indonesian style and with natural stone rooms, this huge villa on the tropical island of Hawaii has 8 bedrooms, capacity to sleep 18, various dens, a cinematic TV room and air conditioning. With panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, one night in this villa costs 12,000€.

13. La Plage Estate, St Barts

La Plage Estate, St Barts

St Barts in the Greater Antilles has long been a playground for the rich and famous, and the La Plage Estate is the perfect base when staying on the island in style. Facing the Caribbean Sea and located on the beach, this luxury villa comes with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi too. A one week stay at La Plage costs approximately 35,000€.

14. Casa Kimball, Dominican Republic

Casa Kimball, Dominican Republic

Costing around 3,000€ for a single night, the Casa Kimball villa is another luxury Caribbean villa to enjoy. This private villa lets you enjoy the sun and ocean in the ultimate in modern luxury. Equipped with its own infinity pool overlooking the sea, it offers incredible views.

15. Chalet Ormello, Courchevel France

Chalet Ormello, Courchevel France

Another luxury Alpine lodge, the Chatlet Ormello in the world famous ski village of Courchevel offers utmost luxury for your winter holiday. Traditional mountain style combined with all of the modern conveniences and luxuries make this the perfect winter retreat. At peak season, it will cost you around 180,000€ to stay for a week.