Great Holiday Destinations in Europe 2016!

Europe is the perfect playground for holiday-making with cheap flights, drivable distances and ferries making travel a breeze. Get inspired to travel with the hottest spots for holidays this year.

1. Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination these days, and it’s not hard to see why when you consider the gorgeous scenery, great summer weather and amazing beaches. Split on the romantically named Dalmatian Coast on the Eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, is Croatia’s second largest city and offers a great holiday destination with plenty to see and do. If history is your thing, then the city is around 1,700 years old, making it one of the oldest cities in the area. With beautiful architecture some of it Roman), a great mix of cultures which includes temples, churches and a cathedral, as well as an old town area, you will not be disappointed with this seaside city. If history is not your thing, then there are of course the plethora of stunning beaches to visit where you can soak up the sun, sea and sand. 

2. Turku, Finland

Turku, Finland

Finland is perhaps not one of the most popular holiday destinations (except perhaps for when it comes to visiting Santa Claus in Lapland), but you shouldn’t overlook it. Turku in the south-west of the Nordic country is Finland’s oldest city having been settled in the 13th Century, and was the reigning capital of the capital until the beginning of the 19th. As Finland’s 5th most populous city, the coastal city of Turku is charming. Boasting one of the country’s few castles, a cathedral and a bustling fort, you can also check out one of Europe’s oldest rock festivals there in early July. 

3. Glen Coe, Scotland

Glen Coe, Scotland

Scotland may not be known for its great weather, but it certainly makes the place green, and Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands has the added bonus of looking great in the snow during wintertime too. One of the most filmed and photographed places in the UK, when visiting this stunning glen, it’s not hard to see why. Named after the River Coe that runs through the valley, the splendours can be appreciated from both car and foot. There is the added bonus of a small but serviceable ski resort there too.

4. Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca, Spain

It’s easy to overlook some of Spain’s smaller but charming cities on the mad dash to the coast, but the ancient university town of Salamanca in the north-west of the country, some 200 miles west of the capital Madrid. Having been founded in the pre-Roman era (!) this is obviously a truly ancient city, and in fact its Old Town was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988. Offering visitors the sites of a 12th Century cathedral, a palace, some of the oldest university buildings in Europe, and a beautiful Plaza Major, it is an incredibly beautiful city to visit too.

5. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Having been populated since the 9/10th Century, the capital city of Poland, Warsaw, is also the largest. Despite heaving attack during WW2, this city manages to create a charm all its own with a delightful mixture of old and new. Visit the Lazienki Palace, or one of the city’s skyscrapers, you will find a warm welcome in Warsaw. Particularly recommended is trying delicious traditional Polish cuisine.