7 Hairstyles From Around The World

Ever be in the airport and see someone coming from Spain where their hair all braided up?
What would happen if someone took hair inspiration from every holiday?
Let's go round the world to see.

1. The Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid

Without the mighty Dutch braid there would be no solution for us girls when the "I can't really be bothered with my hair" situation arises.

But what is the difference between a French and Dutch braid? Well Wikipedia has us covered:

  • Dutch braid: A Dutch braid (also called an inverted French braid or pineapple braid) is created when the three hair sections are crossed under each other, instead of over. It results in the look of a braid standing up from the rest of the hair, instead of being under the hair.

2. The Brazilian Blow dry

The Brazilian Blow dry

The go-to salon treatment made incredibly famous by Jenifer Aniston a few years after having "The Rachel" was a thing,  the Brazilian blow dry is the way to achieve that much desired straight yet curved look with a good level of volume tacked on for good measure.

Little known fact: the treatments was created way back in the mid 80's in Aguas de Lindoia; a small region in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

3. The Seattle Dye Job

The Seattle Dye Job

Inspired by the saint of Seattle. Mr Kurt Cobain, and with a few nods to Kim Gordon thrown in for good measure, a grunge inspired bleach blond 90's dye look will probably never go out of fashion, even if oversized flannel shirts do.

4. The Tokyo Lob

The Tokyo Lob

With the majority of Asian females having very thin and light hair, creating structure and hold in a hair do can be hard.

Salons around Tokyo like the well known Pells Hair (look them up in Instagram) have become renowned for mastering the look of mid length hair and helping to give it enough bounce.

5. The London Bob

The London Bob

Now this isn't a bob as in hair to the neck line. I'm talking about the Bob fringe that is as straight as you can get it.

Made to be as hassle free as possible, this look has always been associated with the London Mod look, but has over time expanded out.

6. The California Beach Look

The California Beach Look

Hair that looks like it only took a second to get right (when in fact it could've been hours) is hair heaven.

And no look better represents than the blonde (with just a good bit of natural on top) California beach inspired look, with curls that looked like they could've happened from surfing of course.

7. New York 'Fro

New York 'Fro

It takes a LOT of patience and dedication to make and maintain a pitch perfect soul style full sized afro.

And while you won't see many people in this day and age give that soul inspired look a go, there are some brave souls like Radio1 DJ Clara Amfo repping it fully in 2016.