5 Reasons to Visit Rhodes, Greece

The Greek island of Rhodes makes a wonderful holiday destination, especially if you love sun, sea and sand on your holiday. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should visit the beautiful island of Rhodes.

1. The History

The History

Just like the Greek mainland, Rhodes has had it fair share of exciting history and this is shown in the amazing historical sites that are scattered throughout the island, such as the Temple of Apollo. Once an important trade centre with the Egyptians, before coming under Byzantine rule in for nearly 1000 years, Rhodes as we know it was taken by the Knights Hospitaller who took the island in the 14th century. It is thanks to them that the City of Rhodes was built after the architecture and style of a European Medieval City, with spectacular architecture such as the Palace of the Grand Master. 

2. The Location

The Location

As a Greek island, you can of course expect the weather to be good, but Rhodes is particularly blessed in in the fact that although it is over 350km south-east from the Greek mainland, it is only 18km from the southern shore of Turkey. With a 220km long coastline filled with beautiful beaches, the island enjoys a hot Mediterranean climate, making it a perfect holiday destination.

3. The Beaches

 The Beaches

As mentioned above, with a 220km long coastline, the small island of Rhodes does boast some fantastic beaches that draw thousands of visitors each year. With sun, sea and sand and offer, what more could you want?! Some of the best beaches include Tsambika Beach with its beautiful soft sand and turquoise waters, lovely Levante Beach only 20km from the City of Rhodes and fantastic for watersports, and Prassonissi Beach which although 85km from the main city, is one of the most beautiful and secluded on the island.

4. The Food

The Food

Greek food is popular worldwide and for a good reason. With its fresh flavours and meat and fish dishes, you can eat healthily and tastily with ease. Specialties unique to Rhodes include rouzetia with skordalia, which is small fish that are only found around Rhodes fried whole with garlic sauce, and desserts made using Rhodian honey which is famed for its high number of antioxidants. Seafood is particularly worth trying when visiting the island.

5. The Watersports

The Watersports

Surrounded as it is on all sides by the sparkling and warm Mediterranean Sea, Rhodes is the perfect location to enjoy some watersports in the sun. With windsurfing, diving and snorkeling all available to try among others, it could be the perfect time to enjoy something new. Levante Beach already mentioned above is a particularly popular spot for watersports with plenty to do for beginners and pros alike. Mark Warner holidays to Rhodes have a resort at this beach just 20km from the main city.