15 Canadian Facts You Need To Know Before Visiting!

Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world after Russia, and is an incredible place. With over 15 million tourists visiting its shores each year, it is a popular place to go too. Read on for some fun facts about Canada!

1. Lakes


Did you know that Canada has more lakes than all the other lakes in the world combined?! Well it’s true, and you can find a staggering number of around 2million lakes in the country. In fact, 7.6% of Canada’s 10million sq. m area is covered by fresh water. The Great Bear Lake is the largest in the country and is the 8th biggest in the world.

2. Education


Canada has one of the highest rates of people with university education in the world, with more than 50% possessing a higher education degree. Although the country tends to attract fewer international students than its neighbour south of the border, nonetheless it’s pretty impressive statistics for its own population.

3. 6 Time Zones

6 Time Zones

While Russia boasts 9 different time zones, Canada can claim a nonetheless impressive 6, with the west coast finding itself 5 hours behind the east coast. To put that into perspective, Greenwich Meridian Time in London is only 4 hours ahead of the east coast of Canada!

4. Polar Bears

Polar Bears

A large chunk of Northern Canada lies in the Arctic Circle, and as such the country shares the area with some Arctic wildlife, which of course includes polar bears. An estimated 60% of the world’s polar bears live in Canada with 13 separate populations there. The town of Churchill in Manitoba in the north of the country is known as the polar bear capital of the world thanks to the migration patterns of the polar bears.

5. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Although lacrosse is technically the official national sport, like many other northern countries, it’s ice hockey that gets the nation going. Canadians adore their hockey and it’s not hard to see why when their national team is art of the unofficial ‘Big 6’, made up of the most successful teams in the world. Currently Canada is sitting at the top of the International Ice Hockey Federation standings.

6. Maple Syrup

 Maple Syrup

Okay so this might be a major stereotype, but one of Canada’s major exports is maple syrup, with the country producing over 80% of the world’s supply, most of which comes from Quebec province! Made in accordance to strict regulations, the syrup must come from one of 3 specific types of maple tree and be at least 66% sugar.  

7. Canadian Rockies

 Canadian Rockies

While most people immediately think of USA when it comes to the Rockies, a large portion of them can be found north of the border in Canada. The Canadian Rockies stretch 1450km from British Colombia right through Alberta. Although not the highest Canadian peak, the highest mountain of the Canadian Rockies is Mount Robson at nearly 4000km.

8. Mounties


So this may be another Canadian stereotype, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or Mounties as they are commonly known, are one of the country’s most iconic symbols. With around 30,000 members, they operate in nearly all corners of the vast country and are world famous for their distinctive uniforms.

9. Coastline


Canada may be the only the 2nd largest country in the world, but it does have the longest coastline at over 200,000km in length! It boasts coasts on the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean too!

10. Longest International Border

Longest International Border

Canada also shares the longest international border in the world too, with its only land adjoined neighbour, the USA. This border, officially known as the International Boundary, is an incredible 8800km long, with nearly 2500km of that length simply between the state of Alaska and Canada. Amazingly for such a vast border, it is not protected by military.

11. Less Gravity

Less Gravity

In the 1960s it was discovered that large parts of Canada actually have less gravitational pull than normal, particularly the Hudson Bay area in the north-east of the country. Nowadays there are theories that put forth the notion that this is due to the earth’s crust still recovering from the burden of the last Ice Age some 20000 years ago.

12. The Oil

The  Oil

You may not associate oil with the beautiful country of Canada however it is the 5th biggest oil producing country in the world, even ahead of the United Arab Emirates. Canada produces an impressive 4% of all oil in the world today.

13. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

Forget Starbucks, if you’re in Canada, it is Tim Hortons that you should be heading to for your caffeine fix. This Canadian chain is the country’s most popular coffee chain by far with around 3,600 locations throughout the country as well as over 800 in the USA and around 50 in the Persian Gulf region.

14. Doughnuts


While it may be the USA that has the notoriety of being most commonly associated with doughnuts, it is actually Canada that eats the most amounts of the sweet treats in the world. Per capita, Canadians eat the most and with the most doughnut shops per capita too, it is again Tim Hortons that wins the doughnut dealing crown in Canada.

15. Poutine


This Canadian dish originates from the French speaking province of Quebec, and has gained popularity worldwide in recent years. Made with French fries that are then topped with cheese curds (the solid parts of soured milk) and then covered with a light gravy, this is one fast food that has claimed the heart of a nation.