10 Hidden Secrets Of Europe!

Europe is an incredible continent, not big in size but packed with approximately 50 countries, it is somewhere to experience so many different cultures. Find out some of Europe’s top hidden secrets right here.

1. Glen Brittle, Scotland

Glen Brittle, Scotland

Scotland is famed worldwide for its rugged and wild beauty and it is on the south of one of the country’s largest islands, the Isle of Skye, which is off the mainland’s west coast, that you will find Glen Brittle. This valley is overlooked by craggy peaks and plays host to a wealth of flora and fauna, as well as the idyllic Fairy Pools which are a beautiful and sheltered spot for some wild swimming.

2. Ostrog Monastery, Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery, Montenegro

The small country of Montenegro deep in the Balkans only declared independence in 2006, but nonetheless has a rich and strong heritage in stunning settings. The Ostrog Monastery is Orthodox Serbian and is located high up against a vertical cliff. Only 50km from the capital of Podgorica, this 17th Century monastery also offers fantastic views over the Bjelopavlici Plain.

3. Beach of La Concha, Spain

Beach of La Concha, Spain

In Spain’s northern Basque Country, you can find the gorgeous Beach of La Concha. Shaped in a semi-circle to create a striking half moon bay, this is an urban beach of the coastal city of San Sebastian. This sandy beach is also on the famed Bay of Biscay, making it a great spot to enjoy some sun, sea and sand.

4. Gellert Hill Cave, Hungary

Gellert Hill Cave, Hungary

The central European country of Hungary has a complete mix of eastern and western cultures and is a fascinating and historical place to visit. If you are in the vicinity of the capital, then make time to see Gellert Hill Cave just outside the capital. Reputedly a cave with healing properties, inside you will find a small chapel that still conducts services in the most natural of surroundings.

5. Lake Iseo, Italy

Lake Iseo, Italy

Lake Iseo, or Lage d’Iseo in Italian, is a beautiful lake found in the Lombardy region in northern Italy. Surrounded by lush green mountains, and refreshing crystal clear water, it is a spot of outstanding natural beauty. Enjoy it best in summer when you can enjoy staying lakeside in one of the many pleasant camping grounds.

6. Galinakopf, Liechtenstein

Galinakopf, Liechtenstein

The tiny Alpine country of Liechtenstein is sandwiched right in the middle of Europe, and it is appropriate that one of its most fantastic sites a mountain. Galinakopf is a nearly 2200m peak sitting beside the border of Liechtenstein and Austria in an eastern range of the Alps. With breathtaking views and clear mountain air, you can enjoy this unspoiled spot.

7. Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings, Finland

Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings, Finland

Found near Mikkeli in eastern Finland, the oldest of the Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings date back to 3000BC. With more than 70 drawings depicting things such as hunts and northern European animals like elk, as well as many hand-prints. Prehistoric artefacts have also been found in the area, making it one of Finland’s oldest signs of human settlements.

8. Obidos, Portugal

Obidos, Portugal

The Medieval town of Obidos in the centre of Portugal’s long west coast, is a charmingly pretty and quaint place to visit. Built inside fortified walls, the squat white washed houses are a perfect backdrop for the mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches that are scattered through the town. Add to this the sparkling Atlantic Ocean and you have a great holiday destination to visit.

9. Magnus Cathedral, Faroe Islands

Magnus Cathedral, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands some 320km northwest of the United Kingdom are still part of the Danish Realm, but have been self-governing since 1948. It is on these remote and wild Atlantic islands that you can find the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral. Located on Streymoy which is the largest and most populated of the Faroe Islands, this ruined cathedral dates back to 1300 which is around the time Christianity first reached this area.

10. Borshi Beach, Albania

Borshi Beach, Albania

The southeastern country of Albania is blessed with beauty and is lucky enough to have coasts on the Adriatic Sea. It is on this coast in the southwest of the country that you can find the gorgeous Borshi Beach. Part of the Albanian Riviera, this huge beach boasts sparkling seas, yellow sands and beautiful surrounding of craggy mountain peaks and olive groves.