10 Hidden Secrets Of Australasia!

Australasia refers to the portion of the beautiful Oceania continent containing Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. Find out about some of the secrets to see there right here!

1. Jatbula Trail, Australia

Jatbula Trail, Australia

In Australia’s massive and empty Northern Territory (of Crocodile Dundee fame), you can trek along the incredible Jatbula Trail in Nitmiluk National Park. This 60km trail leads you through scrub, woodland, monsoon banks as well as past a beautiful waterfall, the 17 mile falls. This trail lets you enjoy the spectacular beauty of the area.

2. Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island, Australia

Lying off of Australia’s northeast coast on the edge of the Coral Aea, this tiny 52sq.km island boasts beautiful walking trails and fantastic stretches of beach, perfect for bathing and relaxing. Discovered by Captain Cook, Magnetic Island is one of Queensland’s best kept secrets, with it mainly visited by locals who come to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and amazing beaches.

3. The Trans-Alpine Rail, New Zealand

The Trans-Alpine Rail, New Zealand

Traversing through the very centre of the South Island, the Trans-Alpine Rail in New Zealand offers some of the most spectacular railway views in the world. This twice a day train departing from the South Island’s largest city Christchurch, cuts through the Canterbury plains and crosses the mountains at Arthur’s Pass. Enjoy the views as you cross the country from east to west.

4. Broken Hill, Australia

Broken Hill, Australia

Located in the region of New South Wales, Broken Hill is built on top of the largest zinc, lead and silver mine in the world. Once most famed for its mining heritage, it is now more known for its natural beauty. The town itself boasts over 30 art galleries, and the surrounding area is abound with beautiful flora and fauna, making this a beautiful spot to visit in the outback.

5. Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea

Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea

The large island of New Guinea in the south west Pacific is the second largest island in the world after Greenland and the largest one in the whole southern hemisphere. Papua New Guinea takes up the eastern half of the island, and it is there that you will find the Owen Stanley Range of mountains. With its highest peak, Mount Victoria, reaching an elevation of over 4000m, it is a stunning and wild place to visit.

6. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

In the far southwest of New Zealand, you can surprisingly find fjords in the uninhabited Fiordland area of the country, including Doubtful Sound. This incredible fjord is huge and imposing and only really accessible from sea. Enjoy spectacular views of the craggy and bleak moss covered rocky surrounds as you sail in this remote natural fjord.

7. Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand

Moving up onto New Zealand’s North Island, it is there that you can find in the very north the lovely town of Rotorua. Culturally important as the centre for the Maori people, this incredible town is also famed for its hot springs. With geysers and mud pools heated by geothermal activity, you can enjoy hot spring baths in beautiful surroundings.

8. Bay of Fires, Australia

Bay of Fires, Australia

Found in the island state of Tasmania located 240km south off of Australia’s mainland, on the northeast coast of this is island you can find the romantically named Bay of Fires. This area boasts fantastic white beaches, great nature watching, a variety of outdoor and water sports, as well as sparkling blue seas. 

9. Whangarei Falls, New Zealand

Whangarei Falls, New Zealand

Another beautiful spot from the North Island, the Whangerei Falls are found in the very north tip of the island. This 24m high waterfall is a beautiful and easily accessible spot where you can enjoy the stunning nature and soothing flow of the water in New Zealand’s incredible native bush land. It is also a great spot for picnicking amongst nature.

10. Tavuvur, Papua New Guinea

Tavuvur, Papua New Guinea

Located on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, Tavurvur is an active volcano. At approximately 220m in height, it may not at first seem that impressive, but when you look around at its vast lava fields and the smoke still spewing forth you may wish to reconsider. With its last eruption in 2014, there is a strong infrastructure in place to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors when seeing this incredible spot.